Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace Sees 14% Increase in Health Care Registrations After First Open Enrollment

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) has reported a significant increase in health insurance enrollments on Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace during its first open enrollment period. More than 400,000 Virginians signed up for health care coverage on the marketplace, representing a nearly 14% increase from the previous period.

This increase in enrollments reflects the success of the marketplace’s mission to provide accessible and comprehensive health care plans for all Virginia residents. The state has made significant efforts to create a user-friendly marketplace that connects individuals and families with reliable health care coverage.

According to Kevin Patchett, director of the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange, the goal from the beginning was to ensure that Virginians have access to dependable health care coverage that meets their needs. The marketplace is also focused on expanding its reach to more Virginians and connecting enrolled individuals to other eligible programs.

Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace, which replaced for Virginians, offers various resources for finding affordable healthcare coverage. All health insurance plans provided through the marketplace include free preventative services, guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions, and coverage for the 10 essential health benefits required by law.

While the open enrollment period has ended, Virginians who experience a Qualifying Life Event during the year may be eligible to enroll in the special enrollment period from Jan. 17 to Oct. 31. The next open enrollment period is scheduled to take place from Nov. 1, 2024, to Jan. 15, 2025.

For more information, individuals can visit the Virginia Marketplace website for answers to frequently asked questions and additional resources.