Don’t Let Taxes Ruin Your Retirement – 5 Surprises to Avoid

Many taxpayers’ primary financial aim is to have enough money for a decent retirement. It’s also an elusive goal to accomplish. Bloomberg reports that fewer than one-third of working Americans are confident they will have enough money saved to retire comfortably.

Retirement Relocation: What’s the Best Option?

You’ve finally reached your destination after 40 years of sitting in traffic and clocking in and out. Your house may have been ideal for starting a family and making a living, but now that you’re retired, you’re ready for a change. Yet the question arises, should I sell my house or rent it out? There are several factors to consider besides just money while making this choice.

Which Retirement Account Is The Best For Growing Your Retirement Fund?

Planning for retirement is an important financial goal for many people, but it is not easy to start saving. You may have difficulty choosing the right retirement account among 401(k)s, IRAs, and annuities. Here is a look at the best retirement account for growing a retirement fund and why.

Four Advantages For Filing Taxes Early This Year

While taxes are not due until April, filing as soon as possible is a good idea. There is no way for millions of Americans to avoid filing an annual tax return. And if you must file a tax return, do it as soon as possible.

Here are the 3 Tax Breaks that Retirees Most Often Forget About.

It is especially crucial for retirees over 65 to make the most of all applicable tax savings opportunities. That is particularly true if you are living on a fixed income. Some of you will need to earn a living from your retirement funds. It’s easier said than done to preserve one’s financial standing in retirement.