Here Is What You Need To Know About Annuities

These distinctive mixtures of insurance and investing characteristics assist individuals in saving for retirement and provide certainty that they will not outlive their hard-earned assets.

Why Bonds May Not Be A Retiree’s Best Option

It is time to evaluate your bonds’ performance and consider whether an alternative may suit you better. Long ago, it was recommended that investors who are nearing or already in retirement change the majority of their financial funds from equities to bonds.

Here is What You Need to Know About the 401(k) Contribution Deadline

Contributing the maximum amount to your retirement plan can efficiently improve retirement savings and, perhaps, minimize taxes. With the end of the year and the 401(k) contribution deadline quickly approaching, here are some tips to assist you in taking advantage of tax incentives connected with your retirement savings plan, including contributing the maximum to your 401(k).

Lifestyle Is An Important Factor In Retirement

Retirees now have the opportunity to select how they want to spend their time. Some people like to unwind after a long and demanding profession, while others are eager to go on to the next adventure. Many people will go through phases of leisure and innovation throughout their retirement. While the amount of money you have saved for retirement may limit your retirement lifestyle, there are several methods to live a high-quality life on a …

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5 Habits That Could Be Harming Your Retirement

If you’re looking at your retirement account, or if you’re not because you don’t have one yet, you may be wondering what’s going on. Yes, life events can impede retirement savings; diseases, divorce, putting kids through college, or paying for a wedding, not to mention just paying for the house and a host of other obligations, are obstacles in and of themselves. 

Investing In ESG-focused Mutual Funds: Should The SEC Crack Down?

In the mid-1990s, regional mutual funds increased across the United States. Today, global areas come to mind when considering a “regional” fund. However, thirty years ago, a “regional” fund might also have referred to so-called “cheerleader” funds that advocated a state in whole or part.

Are You Ready to Claim Social Security?

Are you prepared to live the dream and claim your Social Security retirement benefit? Of course, you are. Social Security benefits are a significant financial milestone. But it is essential to enter this new era of life with a complete understanding of your finances and possibilities. Because while you may “undo” your Social Security application by withdrawing or halting your payments, it may be more difficult to “undo” actions such as quitting your work or …

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What Retirees Need to Know Before Returning to Work

The unprecedented inflation we are seeing has increased financial strains on everyone, especially retirees. What formerly appeared to be a respectable nest egg may now appear to be far too small, and rather than take the chance, many seniors are at least considering returning to labor.

The Frightening Truth About Retirement Accounts in 2022

One further negative effect of inflation is that fewer people are putting money down for retirement. Everything from the cost of food, car repairs, and electricity has been impacted by inflation. Now inflation is beginning to chip away at people’s ability to save for retirement.