Survey Reveals Retiree Concerns: Inflation and Social Security Benefit Cuts Dominant

PHOENIX, Arizona – A recent survey conducted by the Nationwide Retirement Institute has revealed that retirees are most concerned about inflation and potential Social Security benefit cuts. This study was further emphasized by the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, which indicated that immigration was the top concern for over a third of Americans surveyed. The link between inflation, Social Security, and immigration is a complex one, with far-reaching implications for retirees and the future of the Social …

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Is Your Hard Earned Retirement Safe From Inflation?

In recent months, we have all felt the impact of inflation, whether in a grocery store, a petrol station, or a restaurant. However, growing costs threaten not only our ability to spend now, but also our ability to fund our retirement.

Strong January Job Growth with 4.5% Wage Increase – Curbing Inflation Concerns

WASHINGTON, DC – The latest report from the Labor Department demonstrates a surge in job growth and wage gains, pointing to a robust start for the US economy in 2024. January saw a significant increase in employment, with wages rising well above expectations. The strong job gains were widespread across various sectors, marking a healthy sign for the labor market. The report revealed that professional and business services, health care, retail trade, government, and social …

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Here are the 7 Big Retirement Risks to Avoid

In the last several decades, retirement planning has seen a significant transformation. As a result of enhanced health care, people are living longer, and prices have climbed drastically across the board.

Social Security Recipients Consider Returning to Work Amid Rising Inflation Challenges

Boston, Massachusetts – A recent survey conducted by the Motley Fool reveals that a growing number of retired Americans are contemplating reentering the workforce due to ongoing challenges posed by inflation. The survey found that approximately 44% of respondents are considering returning to work as their Social Security benefits have failed to keep up with the rising cost of living. Despite a 3.2% cost-of-living adjustment provided to Social Security recipients in 2024, many retirees are …

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The Frightening Truth About Retirement Accounts in 2022

One further negative effect of inflation is that fewer people are putting money down for retirement. Everything from the cost of food, car repairs, and electricity has been impacted by inflation. Now inflation is beginning to chip away at people’s ability to save for retirement.

Inflation: Low-Income Families Struggle with Rising Costs and Pending Benefit Payouts

London, United Kingdom – Inflation rates have soared to 4.0 per cent, well above the Bank of England’s 2 per cent target, shocking economists who had predicted a decrease. This rise in inflation, coupled with a frigid start to 2024, has led to high bills, food prices, and rents, putting a strain on low-income households. According to research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, over half of low-income households reported struggling to afford food or heating …

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Retirement-aged Americans Staying in Workforce Rises Due to Financial Realities and Inflation: Study

Trenton, New Jersey – The landscape of the American workforce is evolving as a growing number of older adults are choosing to continue working instead of retiring. Various factors such as rising living costs, inflation, longer life expectancies, and increased education levels have contributed to this trend, as highlighted in recent government data analyzed by LendingTree. According to the analysis based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey, 22% of adults aged …

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Spaving Dangers: Americans Fold Under Inflation Pressure

The city of New York, NY, is witnessing a concerning trend among Americans known as “spaving,” where individuals are increasing their spending in order to save more money. This risky behavior has become more prevalent due to rising inflation rates and growing levels of debt. Despite a slight decrease in inflation rates in April, consumer prices still rose by 3.4% compared to the previous year. Recent data shows that Americans are continuing to spend, with …

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