Erin Moriarty Slams Megyn Kelly’s False Plastic Surgery Accusations in Powerful Instagram Post

Los Angeles, CA – Actress Erin Moriarty has spoken out against Megyn Kelly’s recent accusations of extreme plastic surgery. In a powerful statement posted on Instagram, Moriarty slammed Kelly’s claims as “disgustingly false” and addressed the impact of the accusations on her mental health.

Moriarty revealed that she had been through one of the most challenging weeks of her life, feeling so stressed that she struggled to eat and sleep. The actress expressed her horror at receiving such hurtful and false claims, especially during a difficult time in her life.

The controversy began when Kelly made the accusations on her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, with guest Michael Knowles. Kelly went as far as to show an image of Moriarty and expressed concerns about the perceived changes in her appearance. In response, Moriarty debunked Kelly’s claims and clarified that the photo Kelly used was taken about a decade ago, not a year ago as Kelly stated.

Moriarty also addressed the stress she was under the day the photo was taken, explaining how makeup and contouring played a significant role in her appearance that day. She expressed her frustration with the situation, describing it as harassment and false news.

The actress’s public denouncement of the accusations has drawn widespread support from fans and fellow actors alike. The Daily Beast reached out to Kelly for comment, but there has been no response from the former news anchor. Moriarty’s courage in speaking out against these false claims serves as a reminder of the impact of celebrity culture and the importance of not spreading misinformation.