Winter Storm Brings 2 Inches of Snow to Massachusetts; Heavier Snow Expected

Boston, MA – A winter storm is expected to bring heavy snowfall to Massachusetts on Sunday night and into Monday morning, with some communities already reporting 2 inches of snow during the initial stages of the storm. The storm brought rain to southern New England early Sunday morning, followed by snowflakes in central Massachusetts and a mix of snow and rain in eastern parts of the state later in the morning. There were also reports of sleet mixing with the rain, creating slushy accumulations of ice.

As of early Sunday afternoon, the rate of snowfall and rainfall had lightened up, but the intensity is expected to pick up again Sunday night. With temperatures dropping overnight, the snowfall is expected to continue until early Monday morning, making for a messy start to the work week.

The latest snowfall reports released by the National Weather Service indicate that some areas have already seen significant snow accumulation, with Bristol County reporting 0.1 inches, Hampden County reporting up to 1.8 inches, and Middlesex County reporting up to 0.8 inches. Worcester County has seen the highest snowfall so far, with Fiskdale and Worcester both reporting 2 inches. These early snowfall reports are just a preview of the heavier snowfall expected as the storm progresses.

Meteorologists are urging residents to prepare for the upcoming snowfall and to exercise caution during their Monday morning commute, as road conditions are likely to be treacherous. The exact timing and intensity of the storm are subject to change, so it’s important for residents to stay updated on the latest weather forecasts and advisories. Local authorities are also reminding residents to take necessary precautions to stay safe and warm during the storm.

As the storm continues to develop, it’s essential for residents to stay informed and heed the advice of local officials and meteorologists. Monitoring the progression of the storm and its potential impacts will be crucial for residents in preparing for and navigating through the winter weather.