Violence Unleashed: Man in Iredell County Kills and Binds Victims, Barricades Himself with Children

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – A horrific night unfolded in Iredell County as a man caused chaos, binding and killing multiple individuals in a home before barricading himself with several children, according to deputies.

The sequence of events began when law enforcement received a call on Saturday reporting gunshots in the vicinity of Home Drive near Bailey Road. Upon arrival, deputies found two individuals deceased inside the residence, and a third person with a gunshot wound on the back porch.

Local residents recounted seeing three masked men entering the home, which was soon followed by violent outbursts. The victims were discovered bound and restrained, indicating a disturbing and intentional act of aggression.

As the investigation unfolded, the suspect, identified as Justin Michael Strawser, retreated to a residence on Ostwalt Amity Road, where he barricaded himself and engaged in a standoff with deputies. A tense situation ensued, with Strawser firing at law enforcement officers multiple times during their attempts to negotiate his surrender.

Tragically, the standoff culminated in deputies fatally shooting Strawser as he exited the home wearing a bulletproof vest. Fortunately, no one else sustained physical injuries during the ordeal.

Authorities revealed the identities of the murder victims as Eduardo Cordova, 22, and Caleb Loper, 24, suggesting a potential connection between the suspect and the victims. Motives such as drugs and robbery are being explored as potential factors in the heinous crime.

Efforts to locate and apprehend any additional suspects involved in the incident are currently underway as the community grapples with the aftermath of a night marked by senseless violence and tragedy.