Veterans Affairs Expands IVF Coverage for Single and Same-Sex Veterans, Secretary McDonough Affirms

Washington, D.C. – The Department of Veterans Affairs is set to offer in vitro fertilization services to single veterans and those in same-sex marriages, a move that follows criticism regarding the lack of reproductive benefits for certain veterans.

This decision comes after legal challenges in New York and Boston last year highlighted the exclusion of LGBTQ+ military members from certain VA policies, including IVF care. VA Secretary Denis McDonough emphasized that expanding reproductive care has long been a priority for the VA, stating that “raising a family is a wonderful thing.”

Previously, the VA only extended IVF assistance to veterans who were legally married and could biologically contribute sperm and eggs. However, a new announcement ensures that veterans using donated sperm or eggs will also be eligible for IVF services.

Senator Patty Murray of Washington has been a vocal advocate for more inclusive reproductive assistance for veterans, introducing legislation aimed at improving reproductive services offered by the Department of Defense and VA healthcare systems. Murray commended the VA’s recent decision, expressing her intent to push for legislation that guarantees IVF care and family-building support for all service members.

Under current policy, VA healthcare covers up to $2,000 in adoption expenses but does not include coverage for surrogacy for veterans facing infertility due to service-related disabilities. McDonough stated that the VA is working diligently to implement these new policies promptly.

The VA affirmed that they are taking immediate steps to roll out these changes nationwide in the coming weeks. This development is seen as a significant stride forward in assisting more veterans in starting and expanding their families, particularly in light of challenges to IVF care from certain political factions.