Valerie Bertinelli Contract Not Renewed for ‘Kid’s Baking Championship’ in 2022, Network Drama Followed

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Valerie Bertinelli’s departure from the “Kids Baking Championship” has sparked controversy as she reveals the circumstances surrounding her exit. The Food Network, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, decided not to renew Bertinelli’s multi-series deal when it expired in 2022, according to sources. The decision not to renew her deal came from development executives who no longer work at the network.

Bertinelli initially signed a multi-series deal with Food Network in 2018, which expired in 2021 but was extended for an additional year. However, when her contract ended, the network did not offer her a new deal, which led to her departure from the popular show “Kids Baking Championship.”

Although Bertinelli’s long-time manager, Marc Schwartz, stated that Food Network never offered her a continuing role on “Kids Baking Championship,” sources close to the situation claim that the network believed Bertinelli would not accept an offer to continue on the show if they did not renew her exclusive multi-series overall deal. Food Network’s decision also coincided with budget cuts and mass layoffs following the Discovery-WarnerMedia merger.

The news of Bertinelli’s departure has sparked a wave of support from fans and colleagues, including celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Mark Hamill. Despite her disappointment, Bertinelli has no ill-will towards Food Network and is currently evaluating offers from other platforms for future projects and deals.

The controversy surrounding Bertinelli’s exit from the “Kids Baking Championship” brings to light the challenges faced by talent amidst industry changes and corporate mergers. While fans hope for Bertinelli’s return to the show, her departure raises questions about the future of the popular program and the network’s decision-making process.