Trump Halts ‘SNL’ Skit Amidst 2024 Campaign Future

LONDONDERRY, NH – With the New Hampshire primary just days away, Saturday Night Live made its return featuring James Austin Johnson as Donald Trump. The skit depicted Trump addressing the press from a New York courtroom, where he is involved in one of several cases slated for 2024. “2024 is going to be a very exciting year. I’m either going to jail, be president, or frankly, The Purge,” Johnson as Trump said, referencing a popular movie franchise.

In reality, Trump is expected to appear in court the day before the Granite State primary as he faces the second civil trial brought by E. Jean Carroll. This trial is primarily focused on determining damages, following a previous jury finding Trump liable for sexual assault. Throughout the year, Trump is anticipated to spend much of the presidential campaign in courthouses, as he faces several criminal trials, despite efforts by his legal team to delay them.

In the skit, Trump also mocked his rivals, including Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, as well as addressing concerns raised about his mental fitness for office. The impersonation by Johnson captured Trump’s stream of consciousness and non-sequiturs, offering a humorous but critical take on the former president’s public persona.

The skit ended with a reference to the controversial footage of Trump dancing with Jeffrey Epstein, with Johnson’s Trump making contradictory statements about the authenticity of the video. The skit effectively portrayed the ongoing legal and political challenges facing Trump as he navigates his path to a potential 2024 presidential campaign.

Overall, the Saturday Night Live skit provided a satirical but incisive commentary on the tumultuous political landscape, offering viewers a comical yet thought-provoking portrayal of the events shaping the upcoming presidential race.