Tish Cyrus Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles After Divorce on ‘Call Her Daddy’

Nashville, Tennessee – Tish Cyrus, mother and manager, recently opened up about the toll her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus took on her mental health. During an episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Tish spoke about the difficult decision to end her 30-year marriage with the country singer in 2022, the same year her mother passed away. She revealed the impact this had on her, stating that her two biggest fears in life were always being alone and losing her mother.

Tish shared that during the time of the divorce, Billy Ray was living in Tennessee while she remained in California, where their superstar daughter Miley Cyrus resides. She admitted to having experienced a complete psychological breakdown for a month, expressing that it was the worst thing she had ever been through. Tish expressed that she struggled with eating, sleeping, and constant crying, and her weight dropped significantly during this time.

The couple had previously gone through brief separations in 2010 and 2013 before ultimately deciding to end their marriage. Tish realized that they hadn’t been in a good place for a long time, and she eventually made the firm decision to move on with her life, acknowledging that it worked out for the best. Following their divorce, Billy Ray got engaged to Australian singer Firerose and Tish got engaged to “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell, both remarrying shortly after the divorce.

The former couple shares three children together, and Tish also has two children from a previous relationship. Tish’s openness about her struggles after the divorce provides a glimpse into the emotional toll of ending a long-term marriage, and her journey towards healing and finding new love. Her story serves as a reminder that divorce can deeply affect mental health, and that seeking support and healing is crucial in moving forward.