Tina Fey Reveals Condition for ‘Mean Girls’ Remake, Tim Meadows Agrees

LOS ANGELES, California – Tina Fey has revealed that she and Tim Meadows have agreed to do a remake of the hit movie “Mean Girls” under one condition.

During a recent interview, Fey mentioned that she and Meadows are willing to do the remake if it is transformed into a musical. This revelation came as a surprise to many fans of the popular movie.

The original “Mean Girls” movie was a huge success, and turning it into a musical could potentially attract a whole new audience. Fey’s announcement has sparked excitement among fans who are eager to see how the classic movie will be adapted into a musical format.

In other news related to “Mean Girls,” the musical adaptation of the movie has achieved great success at the box office. The musical’s triumph is a testament to the enduring popularity of the “Mean Girls” franchise, as well as the public’s continued interest in the story.

Additionally, there has been discussion about the best songs in the “Mean Girls” musical. Speculation is rife about which songs will be chosen for the remake, especially after it was revealed that one of the original musical’s standout performers, ReneĆ© Rapp, will not feature in the remake.

Furthermore, Fey has been in the spotlight recently for her talk about the return of “Mean Girls” and her dream job at “SNL.” Her involvement in the remake as well as her return to familiar territory has generated considerable buzz.

Overall, the news of a “Mean Girls” remake and the musical’s success have captivated fans and sparked widespread anticipation for what the future holds for this beloved franchise.