Texas Killer Caught in Costa Rica with Clever Yoga Ad: US Authorities Share Details

AUSTIN, Texas – After a long international manhunt, US authorities successfully captured Kaitlin Armstrong, the convicted killer of professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson. Armstrong had fled to Costa Rica after committing the murder in Texas in 2022 but was lured out of hiding with a clever ruse. Officials revealed that they placed an advertisement on social media, posing as a yoga instructor seeking a job, which ultimately led to Armstrong’s arrest.

The case of Armstrong, a former yoga instructor, came to light as investigators with the US Marshals Service divulged new information on the murder of Wilson. Armstrong had fled to Costa Rica after committing the heinous act, assuming multiple fake identities and undergoing plastic surgery to change her appearance.

Wilson was killed by Armstrong in an extreme act of jealousy, as prosecutors described it. Wilson had briefly dated Armstrong’s boyfriend, cyclist Colin Strickland, after his breakup with Armstrong. Armstrong shot and killed Wilson after she had been dropped off at a friend’s house.

Despite intense efforts to locate Armstrong in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, officers initially had difficulty spotting her in the popular travel destination. They enlisted a female operative to take local yoga classes with hopes of spotting Armstrong, who was known to be a yoga enthusiast. When their initial efforts did not yield results, US investigators took a last-ditch effort by posting an advertisement looking for a yoga teacher on Facebook.

After nearly a week of no responses, Armstrong reached out, expressing interest in the job. As a result, police confirmed her identity and arrested her before extraditing her back to Texas to face charges. In November, Armstrong was convicted of murder and sentenced to 90 years in prison. She is currently serving her punishment in Lucille Plane state prison in Dayton, Texas.