Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend and Jewelry Spark a 2,000% Sales Increase for Wove

Kansas City, Missouri – A chance encounter between NFL player Travis Kelce and jewelry company Wove has led to a significant boost in sales after the company designed a diamond bracelet for his girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift. Co-founder Andrew Wolgemuth revealed that sales have surged by about 2,000% across the board in the last two weeks, thanks to the attention brought about by the high-profile relationship.

The story began when Wove, founded by two former U.S. Army Rangers, struck a deal with military commissary stores, putting their jewelry on bases worldwide. Then, an investor connected the company with golfer Michelle Wie West to design jewelry, including a line that donated profits to wildfire relief efforts in Hawaii, Wie West’s home state. Shortly after, Kelce got involved and reached out to Wove to design a bracelet for his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end collaborated with Wove to create a diamond bracelet personalized with the letters TNT and gifted it to Swift, leading to a noticeable increase in sales for the company. Wolgemuth confirmed that the bracelet was worn by Swift during a recent event, further amplifying the visibility of the brand.

As the public’s interest in the high-profile relationship continues to grow, Wove’s team remains ready to meet potential demands, including a potential engagement ring for Kelce after the Super Bowl. The company is reaping the rewards of its newfound celebrity connections, experiencing a surge in demand that has positioned them for significant future growth.