Taylor Swift to Star in Super Bowl 2024 Commercial Highlighting Impact on NFL Season

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Taylor Swift’s influence on the NFL season has been significant, as seen in a Cetaphil commercial set to air during Super Bowl 2024. The ad depicts the impact of Swift bringing fathers and daughters together to watch Chiefs games, where she has been a fixture while supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

The Cetaphil commercial, released on the skincare company’s YouTube page before the big game, portrays a father and daughter watching a football game together. The daughter, initially disinterested, eventually joins her father on the couch, wearing a red No. 13 jersey, as they share an embrace while both wearing jerseys.

The advertisement, while not explicitly mentioning Swift or the Chiefs, drops hints throughout, such as the father wearing a red No. 89 jersey that likely references Swift’s “1989” album. Both the father and daughter also have bracelets scattered around their arms, further alluding to Swift’s influence.

Swift, who has attended 12 games this year, was set to attend her 13th game during the Super Bowl, where the Chiefs faced the 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in an attempt to win their second consecutive Super Bowl and third in five years. Swift, her family, and the Kelce family were expected to share a suite that Kelce purchased.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned the “Taylor Swift Effect,” saying it creates a buzz and attracts a new group of young fans, particularly young women, to football, which he views as a positive influence.

The advertisement showcases the impact of Swift’s presence in the NFL, underlining the way she has brought people together, generated interest, and created a new dynamic within the sports community. Her involvement in the league has proven to be significant, and her influence is expected to continue in the future.