The One Document Your Family Can’t Live Without 

According to a recent YouGov for’s 2024 Wills and Estate Planning Study survey, a significant majority of Americans, specifically two out of three, have not yet put any estate planning documents in order. If you find yourself among this group, it’s important to understand that failing to create an estate plan can lead to your assets becoming entangled in legal proceedings and distributed in ways that may not align with your intentions. It’s never …

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Don’t Make a Mistake! Discover Which One is Better: Wills or Trusts

Wills and trusts are two essential estate planning tools that serve distinct purposes. While both documents allow individuals to dictate how their assets will be distributed after their death, they operate differently and offer different benefits. The following are the key differences between wills and trusts, highlighting their functions, advantages, and limitations. Wills: The Basics:  A legal document known as a will or last will and testament is used to express a person’s final wishes …

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Probate Problems in Connecticut: Siblings Face Legal Showdown Over Parents’ Estate

Hartford, Connecticut – A single mother in her early 50s, working full time and raising her teenage daughter, finds herself facing a complex family and financial situation. She and her estranged sister, who never moved out of their family home, are now dealing with the aftermath of their parents’ recent passing. The sister, who has never married, has a hoarding disorder and has been avoiding the probate process for several months. The mother, who has …

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Here Is Why Estate Planning Is Essential To Retirement

Estate planning is the process of arranging and preparing for the distribution of a person’s assets and property after their death. It involves creating a plan to manage and distribute a person’s assets to ensure their wishes are carried out, minimize taxes and probate costs, and provide for their loved ones.