Financial Influencer Lauren Cobello’s Incredible Transformation Revealed

Rochester, New York – Lauren Cobello, a former financial influencer, once known as the “coupon lady” who shared her budgeting tips and tricks to help her family out of $40,000 worth of debt, faced a new reality when her marriage fell apart in 2017. As her personal life crumbled, so did her financial stability, leading her to make a drastic change in her public persona. Initially gaining fame for her frugal living advice on platforms …

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Are Tiktok’s Money Tips Reliable?

It started as a platform for lip-sync videos and memes but has since become one of the most downloaded applications in the world. You can find articles on anything you can think of, from history to how to manage your money. Some of the “Finfluencers” regularly upload such films amassing massive audiences and generating substantial revenue.