Why Short-Term Investments Are The Best Choice

In stormy times, Series I savings bonds, T-bills, and fixed annuities may offer investors protection against inflation and market volatility. Concerns about increasing inflation, interest rates, and geopolitical unpredictability may cause you to feel concerned about your finances.

Why You Should Buy I Bonds Now

Treasury Series I savings bonds, one of the most exciting current bond offers, are expected to become less appealing in November when a new rate on the popular instrument is determined.

I Bonds Can Generate Passive Income

Indeed, I bonds are currently earning higher interest rates than most fixed income investments, and they don’t have the same risk of interest rate fluctuations as other fixed income investments. Your investment will never lose value as long as you keep it invested. I bonds would be an excellent investment as an alternative to some of the bond investments that pre-retirees and retirees currently hold. The I bond could be one of the investment assets you use to generate a regular retirement income.