Distressed Caller to Dave Ramsey Show Panicked about Retirement at 54: Financial Pro Offers 2 Goals

A distressed caller from Florida revealed her concerns about retirement as she phoned into The Dave Ramsey Show. At 54, Denise, a realtor, expressed her panic about her financial situation, including a mortgage balance, car payments, and a relatively low gross income. Another caller, Steve, aged 48, sought advice as he had no retirement savings. Fred, aged 72 from Kentucky, also reached out with only $6,000 to his name. These anecdotes highlight the growing concerns …

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Retirement Goals Soar for Gen Z and Millennials, Survey Shows Their Financial preparedness

Houston, TX – American adults are increasingly realizing the need to save more for retirement, as a recent survey conducted by Northwestern Mutual reveals shifting retirement goals among different generations. The survey shows that the average amount Americans believe they will need for retirement has increased to $1.46 million, up 15% from the previous year. This figure highlights the growing concern about financial security during retirement. Despite the increased retirement goal, the survey also shows …

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Retirement Goals and Financial Planning for Successful Couple at 57 and 58

TORONTO, CANADA – A couple in Toronto, Sara and Rob, are planning for their retirement in two years. Sara, 58, is currently in a high-paying job earning over $370,000 annually, including bonuses and vested shares. Her husband, Rob, 57, is self-employed, making over $60,000 a year, in addition to earning net rental income of about $50,000 annually. With their son in college and plans to retire in two years, Sara and Rob have mapped out …

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‘Loud Budgeting’ Trending on Social Media as a New Approach to Financial Goals

New York, NY – As we welcome the new year, many people are looking for new strategies to achieve their financial goals. This year, a social media trend known as “loud budgeting” has gained popularity, particularly on TikTok. But what exactly is loud budgeting and how can it help you better manage your money? Loud budgeting is a money-saving technique that involves being vocal about declining social opportunities that could jeopardize your financial goals. This …

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Five Tips To Make That New Year Resolution Stick

As January approaches, it is the time of year when individuals begin formulating New Year’s resolutions. Although expressions such as “new year, new me” increase, most individuals fail to keep their resolutions.

Here Are The Different Stages Of Retirement

As with any significant life shift, adjusting to a new day-to-day reality will include a series of distinct phases. Here are five stages you might anticipate encountering, along with advice for how you should prepare.