Are You Ready to Claim Social Security?

Are you prepared to live the dream and claim your Social Security retirement benefit? Of course, you are. Social Security benefits are a significant financial milestone. But it is essential to enter this new era of life with a complete understanding of your finances and possibilities. Because while you may “undo” your Social Security application by withdrawing or halting your payments, it may be more difficult to “undo” actions such as quitting your work or …

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Social Security: Older Workers in Physically Demanding Jobs at Risk

The Social Security retirement age, currently set at 67, is facing calls for further increase. However, according to a recent task force report from the National Academy of Social Insurance, this proposal may pose a challenge for older workers in physically demanding jobs. The report highlights the potential harm this could cause to economically vulnerable individuals who already struggle due to the existing retirement age increase. Rebecca Vallas, a task force member and senior fellow …

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Avoid This Social Security Mistake: Protect Your Financial Future

One must find out if living long enough to benefit from a delayed filing is guaranteed. The monthly Social Security benefit you receive is based on your lifetime earnings, specifically the income earned during your 35 most profitable years in the workforce. However, the age at which you file will also determine the monthly amount you receive from Social Security. If you were born in 1960 or later, once you reach the full retirement age …

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No More Grey Hairs Over Social Security – Top 3 Myths Busted

Understanding the intricacies of Social Security, the pivotal financial backbone for most retirees can often be daunting due to the complex regulations that continue to shift with time. Many people, even those on the brink of retirement, need clarification about the specifics. Misconceptions abound, leading to costly errors when claiming benefits, often based on outdated information, hearsay, or misinterpretations. Here are three of the common misconceptions, along with an insight into the reality of each: …

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6 Things Baby Boomers Need To Remember About Social Security

With their retirement on the horizon, baby boomers must be well-informed about the changes and provisions that will impact their Social Security benefits. From adjustments in the full retirement age to variations in the earning thresholds, they should stay current to make informed decisions regarding their financial security.

Is Increasing The Retirement Age The Right Answer?

Many policymakers and experts have proposed raising retirement age to address the financial challenges an aging population poses. While there are potential benefits to raising the retirement age, such as increased economic productivity and reduced strain on government resources, there are also several drawbacks to consider.