Retired Teacher Loses RM1.2mil in EPF Savings to Cryptocurrency Scam

ALOR GAJAH, Malaysia: A 70-year-old retired teacher from Alor Gajah has fallen victim to a cryptocurrency investment scam, losing a staggering RM1.2 million of her hard-earned Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) savings. The scam unfolded when the teacher joined a social media group that lured her in with promises of high returns on her investment. The victim, who had kept her EPF savings in the bank since retiring, was enticed by the prospect of multiplying her …

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Spot Bitcoin ETFs: A Game-Changer for Retirement Planning

Retirement savers eager to dip their toes into the world of Bitcoin may soon have an opportunity to do so without directly owning the cryptocurrency. U.S. regulators have until January 10th to decide whether to approve a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that would track the real-time price of Bitcoin. If approved, this could pave the way for retirement savers to gain more access to crypto as an asset class. Major asset managers, including BlackRock, …

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Bitcoin: Japan’s State Pension Fund Explores Cryptocurrency Diversification Options

Tokyo, Japan – The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) in Japan, the world’s largest state pension fund with $1.4 trillion in assets under management, is exploring the potential of diversifying its portfolio by considering investments such as bitcoin and precious metals. The fund is looking into these options in response to emerging changes in society, the economy, and technology. Currently, GPIF’s investment portfolio includes domestic bonds, domestic stocks, foreign bonds, foreign stocks, private equity, real …

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Wake-Up Call: The 3 Overlooked Realities Facing Every Retiree

Retirement, though meticulously planned for, often arrives with unexpected realities that can challenge even the most foresightful individuals—these significant life transitions usher in a whirlwind of alterations to one’s daily life and finances. Some retirees have to adjust to specific pivotal changes such as downsizing living spaces, budgeting with a tighter income, and dissociating personal identity from professional roles. However, the evolution doesn’t end there. As retirement approaches or if you’re already at the cusp …

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Are Your Digital Assets Doomed? Take Control with Expert Estate Planning Tips

Whenever you reply to an email, browse social media, or store photos in the cloud, you generate a digital record that belongs to you. Just as you plan for the inheritance of your physical possessions, it is equally important to consider the fate of your digital assets. What will happen to your digital photos once you pass away? How will your social media accounts be managed? Do you want your family to have access to …

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Exploring their Potential in Retirement Savings

In the digital age, financial technologies continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Among the most revolutionary innovations are blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Often seen as the realm of tech enthusiasts or high-risk investors, these technologies are gradually seeping into mainstream financial planning. As such, exploring the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency in retirement savings represents a forward-thinking approach to wealth management. Blockchain: The Game-Changer To truly grasp the impact of cryptocurrencies on retirement savings, we …

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Digital Transformation in Personal Finance: The Implications for Retirement Planning

Digital transformation is reshaping personal finance, notably the arena of retirement planning. From offering enhanced accessibility to personalized plans, increased transparency, and efficient portfolio management through tools like robo-advisors, it has transformed retirement planning from a daunting task into an accessible, understandable process.