Here Is What You Need To Know About Annuities

These distinctive mixtures of insurance and investing characteristics assist individuals in saving for retirement and provide certainty that they will not outlive their hard-earned assets.

Why Bonds May Not Be A Retiree’s Best Option

It is time to evaluate your bonds’ performance and consider whether an alternative may suit you better. Long ago, it was recommended that investors who are nearing or already in retirement change the majority of their financial funds from equities to bonds.

‘Seemingly Opportunistic’ Plan To Inherit Father’s Home Raises Ethical Concerns, Expert Advises Against Annuity Purchase

Dear Miami, Florida, A 56-year-old man living with his 93-year-old father, who needs round-the-clock care due to blindness and other health issues, seeks advice on how to transfer his father’s house to himself in order to purchase a lump-sum annuity for his sister. The man’s sister has a history of spending irresponsibly and has a track record of financial exploitation of their father. The man currently lives with his girlfriend who helps care for his …

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Fed Up with Low 401(k) Returns? Discover the Annuity Rollover Revolution

Understanding your choices for handling a 401(k) from a previous job is crucial. While cashing out may seem attractive, it’s typically associated with substantial taxes. Instead, most opt to roll their funds into a fresh 401(k), an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or an annuity. This article explores why an annuity can be an excellent choice for your 401(k) rollover and how to implement it. Consulting a financial advisor can be invaluable in navigating the 401(k) …

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Annuity Advisor’s $1.5M Proposal: Good Advice or Risky Move?

Los Angeles, CA – A reader inquired about advice regarding their retirement planning with a substantial amount of funds in 401(k) and IRA accounts. At the age of 73, the reader is contemplating whether to follow a financial planner’s suggestion to invest $1.5 million in annuities and allocate $1 million in stocks and bonds. They seek guidance on whether this is a sound strategy for their financial future. Retirement income planning can be a complex …

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Fintech Firm LifeYield Releases Annuity Income Layer for Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management

Boston, MA – LifeYield, a fintech firm specializing in tax-efficient, multi-account portfolio management, has recently announced the launch of its Annuity Income Layer for annuity manufacturers and distributors. This enhancement to LifeYield’s Social Security+ benefits optimization tool aims to simplify the process for financial advisers to illustrate a manufacturer’s annuity products with minimal disruption and data collection. According to Mark Hoffman, chairman, CEO, and co-founder of LifeYield, tens of thousands of financial professionals use LifeYield …

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Hybrid Annuity

Hybrid annuities are financial products that combine the features of traditional annuities and investment accounts. They offer investors the potential for market-linked returns while also providing a degree of protection against market downturns.

Which Retirement Account Is The Best For Growing Your Retirement Fund?

Planning for retirement is an important financial goal for many people, but it is not easy to start saving. You may have difficulty choosing the right retirement account among 401(k)s, IRAs, and annuities. Here is a look at the best retirement account for growing a retirement fund and why.

Retirement-Age Americans Driving US Credit Rally and Record Annuity Sales, Bloomberg Reports

New York, NY – Annuity sales in the US hit a record high in 2023, driven by retirement-age Americans seeking higher interest rates to boost their premiums, according to data from the life insurance trade association LIMRA. Bloomberg reported that a total of $385 billion in annuities were sold, marking a 23% increase from the previous year and setting a new all-time record. These contracts provide customers with periodic payments from a life insurer, while …

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