Social Security: Access Benefits and Services Online in 2024

IRONTON, Ohio – With more than 71 million people benefiting from Social Security programs, it is crucial to ensure that accessing critical benefits and services is as seamless as possible. As we embrace the new year, there is an opportunity for individuals to engage with Social Security online, starting with the creation of a free and secure personal my Social Security account at

Through this online platform, individuals can take various actions such as applying for retirement, spouses, or disability benefits, as well as applying for Medicare and checking the status of their applications. Additionally, users can request a replacement Social Security number card, obtain personalized retirement benefit estimates, and access their Social Security Statement.

For those not receiving Social Security benefits, the my Social Security account provides access to personalized retirement benefit estimates, estimates for spouse’s benefits, and instant verification of non-receipt of benefits. On the other hand, individuals already receiving benefits can utilize the platform to change their address, set up or modify direct deposit information, instantly obtain proof of benefits, and print their SSA-1099.

It is important to spread awareness about the availability of these online services, so individuals are encouraged to share this information with friends and family who may benefit from it. This initiative aims to make accessing and managing Social Security benefits more convenient and user-friendly for everyone.