San Diego Transit System Disrupted After Rainstorm Damage

SAN DIEGO, California – Following the heavy rainfall on Monday, San Diego transportation officials urged commuters and travelers to plan ahead when using public transportation due to significant damage. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System announced that all three trolley lines will be operating at reduced frequencies on Tuesday, with the Orange Line experiencing the most damage. This line is currently out of service between 12th & Imperial Transit Center and Courthouse Station, as well as between Euclid Transit Center and Lemon Grove Transit Center.

The rain has caused the dirt to wash out from under the tracks at various locations, including 66th Street and Imperial Avenue, impacting the trolley service in these areas. To address the downtown service loss, riders are advised to take the Blue line at America Plaza or 12th & Imperial as an alternative. Additionally, MTS buses will be providing shuttle services between the affected stations on the eastern disruption.

While the Blue and Green lines remain undamaged, commuters should still anticipate delays as the system works on recovery efforts. The bus service, on the other hand, is operating on a full schedule, but there are still some roadway detours in place. Those intending to use buses can check the latest trip information on

The damaged trolley lines are a significant inconvenience for commuters, particularly in the downtown area and eastern disruption regions. The MTS is working diligently to address the infrastructure issues caused by the rainstorm, emphasizing the importance of planning ahead and staying updated on the latest service alerts and disruptions. The impact of the damaged trolley lines serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of public transportation systems to natural disasters and the crucial need for efficient maintenance and emergency response protocols.