Robert Downey Jr.’s Marvel Legacy Overlooked According to Recent Comments on a Famous Podcast

LOS ANGELES, California – Actor Robert Downey Jr., best known for his portrayal of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently shared his feelings about his time as Iron Man. Downey believes that his work in the superhero genre has been overlooked and undervalued.

In a recent appearance on Rob Lowe’s “Literally!” podcast, Downey expressed his belief that his Iron Man work is some of the best work he will ever do, but has been dismissed because of the genre. Despite this, Downey acknowledges that not all of the choices made with his character, Tony Stark, have been perfect, but he has always worked to give a strong performance in the role.

After his tenure as Iron Man, Downey’s first post-Marvel movie was “Dolittle,” in which he also served as an executive producer. The film received negative reviews and a lukewarm reception, leaving Downey feeling exposed after being shielded by the Marvel franchise. Looking back, Downey admits that the film was a mess, but also a valuable learning experience.

Downey’s post-Marvel career has seen him win a Golden Globe for his work in “Oppenheimer,” and he is expected to be an Oscar nominee in the same category. Despite these accolades, Downey has indicated that he has no desire to return to the Marvel Universe, with upcoming projects such as HBO’s “The Sympathizer” and Shane Black’s “Play Dirty” showing his commitment to exploring new opportunities outside of the superhero genre.

While Marvel has hinted at the possibility of reuniting the original Avengers for future projects, Downey’s clear stance on not wanting to return makes it uncertain whether he will ever reprise his role as Tony Stark. If he does, it could provide an opportunity for his past Marvel performances to be revisited and discussed in relation to the rest of his work.

Whether or not Downey returns to the Marvel Universe, his career has evolved beyond his iconic role as Iron Man, and he continues to pursue new and diverse projects that showcase his versatility as an actor.