Richard Simmons Speaks Out Against Unauthorized Biopic Starring Pauly Shore

Los Angeles, CA – Fitness icon Richard Simmons has expressed his disapproval of an upcoming biopic that was set to feature comedian Pauly Shore portraying him. In a Facebook post, Simmons made it clear that he had not given his permission for the movie and urged his fans not to believe everything they read.

The biopic, produced by The Wolper Organization, was intended to celebrate Simmons’ life and the positive impact he had on millions of people through his fitness programs and eccentric personality. However, Simmons has maintained a reclusive lifestyle since his mysterious disappearance from the public eye in 2014, and has expressed a desire for privacy.

In response to Simmons’ disapproval, Pauly Shore expressed his excitement about sharing Simmons’ story with the world, emphasizing the fitness icon’s representation of mental health and authenticity. Mark Wolper of The Wolper Organization revealed that the studio is in discussions with a major writer to develop the biopic as a dramatic and heartfelt feature film in the vein of “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Simmons rose to fame through his successful line of “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” aerobics videos and his flamboyant personality, making frequent appearances on television programs. His sudden withdrawal from public life in 2014 sparked widespread concern among his fans, leading to speculations about his well-being. Despite his absence from the public eye, his impact on the fitness industry and popular culture has continued to be significant.

In addition to the biopic, a short film titled “The Court Jester,” featuring Shore as Simmons, is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and on YouTube. The short film is unrelated to the biopic and is directed by Jake Lewis.

Simmons’ outspoken disapproval of the biopic featuring Pauly Shore has raised questions about the ethics of portraying real-life figures in film without their consent. The controversy surrounding the biopic has sparked a debate about privacy and the portrayal of public figures in the entertainment industry.