Rainy, Warm Week Ahead in South Carolina After Cold Sunday

ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA – The coming week in South Carolina is expected to bring a shift in weather patterns, with cold temperatures persisting through Sunday followed by a rainy and warm week ahead. The forecast indicates freezing temperatures before noon on Sunday, with highs in the mid-upper 30s later in the afternoon, accompanied by variable winds at 5 mph. The gradual transition to more seasonable weather for January is anticipated Sunday night into Monday, with temperatures steadily improving over the course of the week.

Monday is expected to be partly cloudy and chilly, with milder temperatures reaching the upper 40s for January. Additionally, chances for rain are expected to return on Tuesday, with cloudy skies and near average temperatures, offering a slight chance of drizzle at 30%. The mid to upper 50s are then forecasted for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, with a prolonged stretch of rainy days expected.

Furthermore, isolated storms are possible during this period, although severe weather is not likely. The region can expect a good amount of rain, with 2-4 inches anticipated from Wednesday through Friday. Residents are advised to stay informed by tracking interactive radar or checking the latest alerts in their area.

The week’s forecast also suggests a steady stream of warm, moist air due to Southwest winds aloft, contributing to highs reaching up to the mid-upper 60s. While the rain may linger for a while, the trade-off will be the return of milder temperatures. Overall, the following week in South Carolina promises a shift from cold and frigid conditions to a milder and wetter climate, providing diverse and evolving weather patterns for residents to navigate.