Paramount’s 2024 Super Bowl ad features surprising mix of pop culture icons

Los Angeles, California – A recent advertisement for Paramount+ is gaining attention for featuring an unexpected ensemble of characters and celebrities from various franchises. The ad follows a group of eclectic personalities attempting to scale a large mountain, creating a bizarre and somewhat surreal spectacle.

The ad, released for the streaming service Paramount+, which was formerly known as CBS All Access, takes a unique and unconventional approach in showcasing the diverse array of Paramount-owned franchises. The characters and stars featured in the ad are seen trying to climb the giant mountain seen in the company’s famous logo, with Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa attempting to help them using a grappling hook.

The ad features familiar faces such as Drew Barrymore, Sir Patrick Stewart, Halo’s Master Chief, Arnold, Lt. Dangle from Reno 911!, and Knuckles. The group’s efforts are set to the soundtrack of Creed’s “Can You Take Me Higher,” creating an overall bewildering and humorous experience.

While some viewers may find the ad amusing, it also raises questions about the evolving landscape of pop culture and the corporate approach to iconic franchises. The ad signifies a trend where beloved characters and intellectual properties are being utilized as marketing tools and assets for streaming services and corporations, rather than being recognized as unique and individual artistic creations.

This growing trend of conglomerates owning a significant portion of pop culture has led to concerns about the potential for a single company to have significant control over the content and creative direction of various franchises. The ad symbolizes a larger issue within the entertainment industry, where the consolidation of iconic properties has led to a corporate approach to storytelling and creativity.

The ad’s unconventional depiction of familiar characters and celebrities attempting to climb a mountain serves as a metaphor for the evolving landscape of entertainment, where the lines between various franchises and intellectual properties are becoming increasingly blurred. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, there is a growing need to consider the impact of corporate consolidation on storytelling, creativity, and the overall artistic integrity of beloved franchises.