O’Neill Opens Up About Longstanding Feud with Amanda Bearse Over ‘TV Guide’ Cover Dispute

New York, NY – Actor Ed O’Neill recently shed light on his past feud with former co-star Amanda Bearse from the popular television show “Married With Children.” In a podcast hosted by his “Modern Family” co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, O’Neill revealed that the rift started with a dispute over a TV Guide cover that the show was featured on.

According to O’Neill, Bearse and another co-star were not included on the cover, leading to tension among the cast. O’Neill admitted that he chose not to advocate for Bearse and the others to be included on the cover in fear of losing the opportunity altogether. Reflecting on the situation, O’Neill expressed regret for not standing up for his friend during that time.

In a 2013 interview with the Archive of American Television, O’Neill expressed confusion over the fallout with Bearse, acknowledging that their relationship had soured over the years. O’Neill attributed the strain to Bearse’s personal transformation, particularly her shift towards a more masculine identity and her marriage to a woman.

The actor recounted a disagreement with Bearse, during which he accused her of not being intelligent and revealed the power dynamics at play, acknowledging that he had the ability to influence casting decisions. Despite the heated exchanges, Bearse remains close with other former “Married With Children” co-stars and was present to support Christina Applegate during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2022.

O’Neill’s candid admission to the origins and details of his feud with Bearse provides insight into the complexities and challenges of maintaining relationships in the entertainment industry. The actor’s reflection on the situation offers a glimpse into the dynamics that can strain working relationships and the lingering effects of interpersonal conflicts.