Nikki Haley Takes a Stand on SNL to Debunk Trump’s Misogynistic Claims

NEW YORK, NY – Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, where she engaged in a skit mocking former President Donald Trump.

Haley’s cameo happened during a fake CNN town hall skit, with actor James Austin Johnson playing the role of Trump. The audience erupted in cheers as Haley stood up to ask a question, prompting a series of humorous exchanges between her and the Trump character.

The skit also made a satirical reference to a previous controversial statement made by Haley about the cause of the Civil War, adding a humorous twist to the overall performance.

The appearance was well-received by viewers and sparked discussions on social media, with many praising Haley’s ability to poke fun at herself and engage in a light-hearted and comical exchange with the SNL cast.

The skit also poked fun at Trump’s alleged remarks about women and money, adding to the comedic portrayal of the former president through exaggerated dialogue and humorous exchanges with Haley and the town hall host, played by Kenan Thompson.

Overall, Haley’s surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live added a comedic twist to the ongoing political conversations surrounding the former president and his administration, bringing lighthearted entertainment to a topical and often serious subject.