Missouri Man Faces Murder Charge After Alleged Torture and Killing of Black Women Unravels

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. – A Missouri prosecutor announced first-degree murder charges against a 41-year-old White man with an alleged history of racist and misogynistic behavior. The charges follow the discovery of a woman’s remains in a barrel, a chilling act described as “barbaric” by authorities due to the physical, psychological, and sexual violence involved.

Timothy M. Haslett Jr. was arrested following the investigation into the gruesome findings in his home in Excelsior Springs. Clay County prosecutor Zachary Thompson detailed the case in a Tuesday news conference, revealing that the remains of Jaynie Crosdale, 36, were found in a barrel that had been shot. Disturbingly, similar barrels were located at Haslett’s residence.

The case took a significant turn in October 2022 when a 22-year-old woman, in a state of emaciation and donning a metal collar, escaped from Haslett’s residence where she had been held captive in his basement for nearly a month. The escapee recounted to authorities how she endured assaults and witnessed Haslett boasting about the murder of two other Black women.

Further inquiries by the police corroborated her horrific account, uncovering a photo of Crosdale in the basement of Haslett’s home among other disturbing evidences suggesting prolonged captivity and assault. According to court documents, Haslett had fashioned a dungeon-like cell equipped with restraints and shock devices purportedly used to punish his captives.

Following the woman’s escape, Haslett was apprehended and subsequently charged with nine counts, including rape, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. He pleaded not guilty to the charges earlier this year.

Although Haslett claimed to have killed another woman, authorities have currently charged him only with Crosdale’s murder, citing the specific evidence they have collected. In Missouri, a conviction for first-degree murder can result in the death penalty or life imprisonment, noting the grave legal implications of the charge.

As the legal process unfolds, the community remains in shock over the details revealed about the case. Crosdale, remembered fondly by her cousin Nikiyah Crosdale as “full of energy and life,” is mourned by those who knew her as a vivacious and charismatic individual. Her tragic demise has underscored the brutal reality and severity of the allegations against Haslett.

The next steps in the legal proceedings are yet to be scheduled, as the court has not provided a date for Haslett’s next hearing at this time. Meanwhile, details of the case continue to evoke discussions on the need for rigorous scrutiny and prevention of such barbaric acts in communities.