Mental Health Support for Tarrant County Residents Uncovered in Unique Muslim Community Center

Richland Hills, Texas – Ayub Shah, a 25-year-old resident, struggled with his mental health for years in silence. Growing up in a Pakistani culture and Islamic faith, Shah found it difficult to open up about his anxiety and depression due to the stigma surrounding mental health in his community. Despite his challenges, Shah found solace and support at the Muslim Community Center for Human Services in Richland Hills.

The nonprofit organization, founded in 1995, aims to provide culturally sensitive healthcare services to the Muslim community in Tarrant County. Dr. Basheer Ahmed, the founder and executive director, emphasizes the importance of helping others, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Within the center, individuals like Shah can access a range of services, including the Al-Shifa Medical Clinic, the Mental Health and Counseling Clinic, and the Tahira Begum Dental Clinic. Despite facing financial struggles due to the loss of a significant grant, the organization continues to serve the community by relying on donations, volunteers, and grants.

For Shah, the center has been a lifeline in managing his mental health challenges. Through counseling and support, he has been able to find joy in self-care, embark on new ventures, and connect with others. Despite the obstacles he has faced, Shah expresses gratitude for the progress he has made in his journey towards recovery.

As the center works to sustain its operations and expand its reach, individuals like Shah benefit from the compassionate care and resources provided by the dedicated staff. Through their commitment to serving the community, the center remains a beacon of hope and healing for those in need of support.