Margot Robbie Eager to Celebrate “Barbie” Cultural Impact as it Nabs 8 Oscar Nominations

LOS ANGELES, CA – Margot Robbie, producer and star of the film “Barbie,” expressed her gratitude and excitement at a recent SAG screening. During the panel, she addressed the lack of Oscar nominations for herself and director Greta Gerwig, acknowledging the disappointment among fans of the film.

Robbie emphasized the exceptional achievement of “Barbie” as the only billion-dollar film solely directed by a woman. Despite the missed nominations in some categories, the film received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay. The recognition has left Robbie feeling “beyond ecstatic.”

The cultural impact of “Barbie” has surpassed all expectations, with Robbie describing it as “bigger than us, bigger than this movie.” She recounted amusing encounters with audiences, from eavesdropping in theater bathrooms to overhearing discussions about the film in a pub in Scotland. The reactions of people to the movie have been the most rewarding aspect for Robbie throughout the entire experience.

This Best Picture nomination marks Robbie’s first as a producer, a significant milestone for her and her production company. Reflecting on the film’s influence on culture, she expressed her amazement at being in the “eye of the storm” and emphasized that she had never been part of something with such a profound impact.

Robbie’s remarks at the SAG screening highlighted the resilience and success of “Barbie” despite the notable Oscar snubs. The overwhelming positive response from audiences and the film’s groundbreaking achievements serve as a testament to its cultural significance.