Legislature advocate for gun control leaves office

Phoenix, Arizona – State Rep. Jennifer Longdon, a Democrat representing central to north Phoenix, has announced her resignation from the Legislature effective Friday.

After three terms in office, Longdon expressed that an “amazing job opportunity” to work on health-care policy has lured her away from the Legislature. She deferred to the employer to go public first before disclosing her new position. Her departure comes as a surprise to her Democratic colleagues, who praised her as “one of Arizona’s most effective and compassionate leaders, both inside and outside the Legislature.”

Longdon, who has been the Legislature’s leading gun-control advocate, cited her personal experience as a victim of gun violence, which left her paralyzed from the chest down and using a wheelchair. Her efforts at gun control have faced challenges with the Republican majority.

In her resignation letter, Longdon expressed gratitude to her constituents for their support and lauded bipartisan efforts in the Legislature to improve Arizona. Along with her work on preventing gun violence, she has been an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.

During her tenure, Longdon served as assistant House minority leader in 2021-22. Her resignation marks her as the fifth lawmaker to leave the Legislature in its current two-year term, prompting precinct committee members in Legislative District 5 to nominate three individuals to fill out Longdon’s term, which runs until early 2025.

Longdon’s resignation opens the door for new leadership in Arizona, and her departure may shift the dynamics and priorities within the Legislature as her seat is filled by a new appointee.