“Jason Momoa: Stealing from Aquaman Set, Love of Motorcycles & Making a Family Knife with His Kids” – Exclusive Interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live

LOS ANGELES, California – Jason Momoa, known for his roles in the Aquaman movie and Game of Thrones, recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss various aspects of his life beyond the screen.

During the interview, Momoa shared his love for motorcycles and how he enjoys riding them in different cities. He also talked about the experience of working on the Aquaman set and how he may or may not have taken a particular item from the set as a keepsake.

Momoa also touched on a unique family activity, where he and his children made a family knife together. He emphasized the importance of passing down traditions and skills to the next generation, showcasing a side of him that goes beyond the public persona of a Hollywood star.

The actor’s appearance on the talk show provided fans with a deeper look into his personal life and interests, showing a more down-to-earth side of the celebrity.

Overall, Momoa’s interview offered a rare glimpse into the life of a beloved actor, showing that there is more to him than just his on-screen roles. The conversation shed light on Momoa’s hobbies and values, creating a more well-rounded image of the actor in the public eye.