Global Liver Institute VP Emphasizes Necessity of NASH Education Across Healthcare Community

Washington, D.C. – Jeff McIntyre, MA, from the Global Liver Institute (GLI) recently emphasized the importance of addressing non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) within the healthcare community and minimizing its global impact. McIntyre shared his expertise during the AMCP Nexus 2023 session titled “Navigating NASH: A Discussion on Clinical Background, Patient Advocacy, and Managed Care Considerations.”

As the vice president of liver health programs at GLI, McIntyre oversees the organization’s liver health program portfolio, which includes NASH and liver cancer. His work involves collaborating with program directors to identify opportunities for patient engagement across various areas, such as drug development, regulatory input, and educational initiatives to address disparities in screening and treatment globally.

During the discussion, McIntyre emphasized the need to bridge the knowledge gap about NASH within the healthcare community, particularly among managed care professionals. He highlighted the importance of increasing awareness about liver health and the impact of liver diseases, including the correlation between obesity and fatty liver disease. McIntyre stressed the significance of having open and honest conversations with patients about liver disease, without stigmatizing other health factors.

In terms of mitigating the global impact of the NASH epidemic, McIntyre discussed the essential steps that need to be taken. He emphasized the importance of early screening and testing through noninvasive measures to identify undiagnosed cases of fatty liver disease. Furthermore, he underscored the significance of lifestyle modifications and continued screening for individuals who are at risk for fatty liver disease or NASH. These initiatives, supported by healthcare providers and pharmacists, can empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

McIntyre’s insights shed light on the critical need for increased awareness, education, and proactive measures to address the growing prevalence of NASH and liver diseases on a global scale. His involvement in the AMCP Nexus 2023 session underscored the dedication of healthcare professionals and advocates in tackling this pressing public health issue.