Emmy Awards Brings Christina Applegate to Tears as She Navigates Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Los Angeles, CA – Actress Christina Applegate, known for her roles in “Married… With Children” and “Dead To Me,” moved the audience to tears at the Emmy Awards when she appeared on stage while battling multiple sclerosis. The star received a standing ovation as she walked with a cane and was escorted by host Anthony Anderson. Despite her health struggles, Applegate joked and reminisced about her career, including her first role on “Days of Our Lives” and her experience working on “Dead To Me.” Despite her moving appearance, Applegate shared in a recent interview that this may be her last acting role as she continues to live with her diagnosis.

Applegate, who was also nominated for an Emmy award, expressed gratitude for her work on “Dead To Me” and the friendship she built with her co-star Linda Cardellini. She recounted her struggles with working on camera and how it impacted her life. Despite the challenges, she expressed her deep appreciation for the cast and crew of the show. The actress also reflected on the toll that multiple sclerosis has taken on her life and career, sharing that it “f***ing sucks” to live with the disease.

The emotional moment at the Emmy Awards highlighted Applegate’s resilience and strength as she faces the challenges of living with multiple sclerosis. Despite the uncertainties in her career, Applegate’s impact on the entertainment industry and the support she has received from fans and colleagues have been significant. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the beloved actress, but her candidness about her struggles has resonated with many.