Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock Ascends to TKO Group Board of Directors and Secures Ownership of Trademark

Los Angeles, CA – Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” has been appointed to the board of directors of TKO Group, a publicly traded company consisting of the UFC and WWE. This move comes as Johnson continues to expand his business ventures beyond his successful acting and wrestling careers.

As one of the most well-known wrestlers to come out of WWE, Johnson has won the promotion’s championship eight times. In addition to his appointment, he has been granted full ownership of “The Rock” trademark, which had been previously owned by WWE. He has also signed a new services and merchandising agreement with WWE.

Johnson expressed his excitement about the appointment, stating that being on the TKO Board of Directors and taking full ownership of his name, ‘The Rock,’ is not only unprecedented but incredibly inspiring as his life comes full circle. He also mentioned his motivation to continue expanding TKO, WWE, and UFC businesses while representing athletes and performers.

The actor and former wrestler has continued to stay connected to TKO’s properties and the world of wrestling. He has teased a potential match with his cousin, WWE universal champion Roman Reigns, in an appearance on WWE Raw. If the match happens, it would be Johnson’s first proper wrestling match since 2013.

Despite his success in various ventures, Johnson’s appointment to TKO Group’s board was commended by the executive chairman Vince McMahon. “Very few people on the planet understand the convergence of sports, entertainment, media, and business like ‘Rock,'” McMahon said in a statement. “We are proud to have him join the TKO board to help take our company to new heights.”

The appointment of Johnson and Brad Keywell, the CEO of artificial intelligence company Uptake Technologies, will expand TKO Group’s board to 13 people. The move solidifies Johnson’s position as a leader in both the entertainment and business worlds, with his influence reaching new heights in the industry. Johnson’s commitment to expanding the reach and influence of TKO and other business ventures makes him a valuable addition to the board of directors.