Dry Days and Chilly Nights Give Way to Upcoming Rainy Weekend in Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama’s weather is forecasted to improve over the next few days, with chilly nights and mild, sunny days expected. However, a change is on the horizon, with the possibility of soaking rain beginning as early as Friday. The weather outlook for the state through midweek suggests clear, cool nights and sunny, mild days, with temperatures dropping to the 30s and lower 40s early Tuesday morning. Despite the potential for scattered frost in cold spots, milder afternoons with highs near 60 degrees are anticipated for most of North and Central Alabama.

As the week progresses, Wednesday and Thursday are expected to offer even nicer weather, with more sunshine than clouds. The forecast includes chilly, dry mornings and mild afternoons with temperatures in the mid-60s. However, the trend shifts by Thursday evening, as a disturbed weather pattern sets the stage for several days of gray, rainy weather across much of the state.

Looking ahead to the weekend, an unsettled, active weather pattern is predicted to begin with a strengthening jet stream over the southern states on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Light, scattered showers could start as early as Friday morning, persisting throughout the day and night. Saturday is slated for heavier rain, potentially making it a total washout with steady, soaking rain and a stiff south breeze, adding up to around 1 to 2 inches of rainfall from Friday through Saturday.

The rainy pattern is expected to continue into Sunday, with scattered showers and periods of heavier rain, particularly south of Interstate 20 through Sunday night, leading to humid, mild days in the 60s. Looking further into next week, the active weather pattern is set to last through Monday and Tuesday, possibly adding another 1 to 2 inches of rainfall by Tuesday night, bringing the total to 2 to 3 inches on average.

After experiencing a brutal arctic blitz in January, Birmingham’s average temperature dropped 13 degrees below normal from January 13 to January 21. Since then, winter has seemingly disappeared, prompting questions about its potential return. Meteorologists anticipate a return to colder-than-usual weather around mid-February, possibly bringing a few more rounds of Arctic air and the prospect of snow.

For the latest weather coverage, residents are advised to stay informed through local forecasts and alerts, ensuring preparedness for any potential weather-related developments. Following social media pages of local news stations and downloading weather apps can also help individuals stay updated on weather conditions and forecasts for their area.