Disability benefits and part-time work: What you need to know

Dear Readers,
Social Security disability benefits provide a safety net for those who are unable to work due to a disability, but what if the individual wishes to return to work in some capacity? This is a question many recipients of SSDI benefits may have, and the good news is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) does encourage those receiving SSDI benefits to attempt to re-enter the workforce. The monthly earnings limit for those collecting SSDI benefits in 2024 is $1,550, and as long as the individual earns less than this limit while working, their SSDI benefits will not be in jeopardy.

For those who are considering returning to work, the SSA offers the Ticket to Work program, which provides assistance to individuals receiving SSDI benefits who wish to test their ability to re-enter the workforce without risking their benefits. This program offers new career training opportunities and connections to potential employers, all at no cost to the individual. Additionally, the program is voluntary, giving recipients the flexibility to explore their options.

In addition to the Ticket to Work program, recipients of SSDI benefits can also request a Trial Work Period (TWP), which allows for nine months over a rolling five-year period during which the individual can earn any amount without risking their SSDI benefits. This provides the opportunity for those with disabilities to test their ability to hold a job without immediately losing their vital benefits.

It’s important to note that enrolling in the Ticket to Work program is not mandatory, but it may provide valuable assistance for those looking to develop a new career while managing their disability. The program, along with the TWP, offers flexibility and support for individuals who are eager to re-enter the workforce but are concerned about jeopardizing their SSDI benefits.

For those considering returning to work while on Social Security disability, it is advisable to contact the SSA directly to discuss the available options. The SSA representatives can provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, offering invaluable assistance to those navigating the complexities of managing a disability while trying to work.

In conclusion, individuals receiving SSDI benefits have the opportunity to explore returning to work without immediately risking their vital financial support. Whether through the Ticket to Work program or the Trial Work Period, there are options available to help individuals transition back into the workforce while managing their disability. It’s important to be informed about these programs and to seek guidance from the SSA to ensure a smooth and successful transition back to work.