DeSantis Slams Proposed Border Deal, Criticizes President Biden for Allowing ‘Invasion’

Tallahassee, Florida – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized President Biden and the proposed border deal in a recent video, calling the deal a “farce” and accusing Biden of failing to address the “invasion” at the border. DeSantis stated that Biden already has the authority to shut down the border and could declare it a national emergency if he wanted to, but chooses not to. This criticism comes as Congress negotiates a border deal that would also provide aid for Ukraine.

DeSantis has long been a vocal critic of immigration policy affecting the country’s southern border. He expressed concern over the Biden-backed border deal, claiming that it would allow up to 5,000 illegal entries every day, a number he believes should be zero.

President Biden has promised to shut down the border “when it becomes overwhelmed” if Congress passes a bipartisan border security bill. However, DeSantis believes that Biden has the authority to do so now, regardless of ongoing Congressional talks.

In addition to his criticism of the proposed border deal, DeSantis also accused Senate Republicans of “caving” on efforts to secure a border deal, as negotiations continue in the months-long process.

DeSantis, who recently dropped out of the GOP presidential primary race, has previously stated that if he were elected, he would issue mass deportations of migrants and declare the border an emergency on his first day in office. He has been clear about his stance on immigration policy, emphasizing the need for strong border security.

As the debate over the border deal continues, DeSantis’s comments highlight the ongoing tension and differences in opinion among political leaders regarding immigration policy and border security in the United States.