Comedian Chelsea Handler’s Ozempic Misadventure: “I didn’t even know I was on it”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler recently revealed her experience with the medication Ozempic during an episode of the podcast “Call Her Daddy.” Handler shared that her “anti-aging doctor” had prescribed her the medication without fully explaining its purpose, leading her to unknowingly take the drug.

During the podcast episode, Handler mentioned that her doctor suggested Ozempic as a way to lose five pounds, but she soon discovered that she did not like how the drug made her feel. She recounted feeling nauseous after injecting herself with the medication, only to later realize that her friend was experiencing similar symptoms from using Ozempic.

Eventually, Handler decided to stop using the drug as it was not medically necessary for her. She even went as far as giving the remaining doses to friends, expressing her belief that the medication was more suitable for individuals struggling with weight issues. “It’s for heavy people,” she stated, explaining her decision to share the remaining doses with friends.

Handler’s experience with Ozempic sheds light on the importance of fully understanding the medications prescribed by doctors and the potential side effects they may have. The comedian’s candid revelation serves as a reminder for individuals to actively inquire about the medications they are prescribed and to make informed decisions about their health.