Child Abuse Journal Entries Released Detailing Former YouTube Vlogger’s Horrific Acts

Salt Lake City, Utah – A former YouTube family vlogger from Utah, Ruby Franke, recently detailed months of abuse in handwritten journal entries released by prosecutors following her sentencing on child abuse charges. In these redacted entries, Franke repeatedly claimed that her son was possessed by a demon, describing disturbing incidents of abuse that occurred in her home.

Franke and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, were arrested in August 2023 after pleading guilty to four counts of second-degree aggravated child abuse. This came after police found one of Franke’s sons emaciated with open wounds and bound with duct tape, prompting their investigation.

The released journal entries shed light on the abuse suffered by two of Franke’s six children, identified by the initials “E” and “R.” These entries revealed instances of physical and emotional abuse, giving insight into the disturbing environment within the family’s home.

Prosecutors also shared police body camera videos, photos, and interrogation tapes as evidence of the abuse inflicted by Franke and Hildebrandt. They stated that the women were driven by “religious extremism,” believing their abusive actions were necessary to cleanse the children of evil spirits and sins.

The family gained notoriety through their YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” where they shared their lives with millions of subscribers. Following Franke’s arrest and subsequent sentencing, her husband, Kevin Franke, filed for divorce, signaling the repercussions of the abuse and its impact on their family.

During her sentencing, Franke expressed remorse for her actions, acknowledging the harm she caused to her children. Hildebrandt also expressed regret, stating that her decision to plead guilty was motivated by her desire to spare the children from further emotional trauma.

Overall, the case of Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of extremism and abuse, highlighting the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals, especially children, from such harmful influences. The release of the journal entries and other evidence paints a harrowing picture of the abuse endured by the children, emphasizing the need for swift justice and intervention in cases of child abuse.