Anne Hathaway Walks Out of Vanity Fair Photoshoot in Support of Striking Workers

New York, NY – Film actress Anne Hathaway showed her support for striking workers at Condé Nast by walking out of a photoshoot for Vanity Fair. The workers were participating in a 24-hour work stoppage amid negotiations with the union, according to Variety magazine. Hathaway, who had arrived on the set fully prepared for the photoshoot, left after learning about the workers’ strike.

The strike involved approximately 400 union members at Condé Nast, representing various titles including Vanity Fair, Vogue, and GQ. The workers went on strike to protest the publisher’s handling of layoffs. The walkout took place on Tuesday morning, coinciding with the announcement of the Oscar nominations, and included a rally outside the company’s offices in Manhattan.

Variety reported that Hathaway had not yet begun posing for the photoshoot when she decided to leave in support of the striking workers. The union later expressed its gratitude to Hathaway for not crossing their picket line, further emphasizing the impact of her show of solidarity.

Representatives for Condé Nast and Hathaway have been reached out for comment on the matter. The walkout and Hathaway’s departure shed light on the ongoing labor disputes in the media industry, drawing attention to the challenges faced by workers in negotiations with corporate entities.

The incident serves as a reminder of the important role that prominent figures can play in raising awareness and showing support for workers’ rights. It also underscores the power dynamics at play in labor negotiations between employees and media corporations, sparking conversations about fair labor practices and the treatment of workers in the entertainment and publishing industries.

The walkout and Hathaway’s departure underscore the continuing significance of the labor movement and the impact of celebrity involvement in labor disputes. The solidarity shown by the actress highlights the importance of collective action in addressing workplace issues and advocating for fair treatment of workers in various industries.