Allison Holker Candidly Opens Up About Life and Love After Tragedy

Los Angeles, California – Professional dancer Allison Holker recently shared her thoughts on the possibility of dating again during a recent episode of The Viall Files podcast. The 35-year-old, who was previously married to Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, opened up about her journey of self-discovery and reflected on her future after the tragic passing of her husband.

Holker, who has been candid about the challenges of raising her children following her husband’s death, expressed the difficulty of learning to love and accept herself again after such a complex and heartbreaking situation. However, she revealed that she has finally come to terms with the idea of moving forward with her life.

When asked about the prospect of finding love again, Holker admitted to being open to the idea of dating, although it is not her primary focus at the moment. She emphasized her optimism for the future, despite the immense loss she has experienced.

The professional dancer and her late husband, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, were not only partners in life but also hosted the docuseries Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings from 2018 to 2020. The couple also welcomed two children together, in addition to Boss adopting Holker’s daughter from a previous relationship. Their journey together came to an abrupt end when Boss tragically took his own life in 2022.

Holker’s openness about her healing process and willingness to embrace the future with hope has resonated with fans, who have offered an outpouring of support for the talented dancer and her family during this difficult time. Despite the pain and loss, Holker remains steadfast in her love for life and her determination to navigate the complexities of grief and moving forward.