Alleged Drug Mule of Diddy Arrested: Bodycam Footage Captures Glum Reacts

Miami, Florida – A former college basketball player, Brendan Paul, was arrested at Opa Locka Airport in Miami after federal agents intercepted a private jet belonging to music mogul Diddy. Paul, 25, was taken into custody for possession of cocaine and marijuana candy, both classified as felonies in Florida, as reported in an arrest document obtained by The Post on March 28, 2024.

In a video captured during his arrest, Paul appeared glum and resigned as he was escorted from a US Customs and Border Protection building to a Miami-Dade Police squad car. The footage showed him wearing a blue hoodie and sandals, silent as he was placed inside the vehicle.

The allegations against Paul have not been linked to Diddy, who is currently facing a federal investigation. In a lawsuit filed by music producer Rodney Jones, Paul was named as Diddy’s alleged “drug mule”, accused of obtaining firearms for the music executive.

Originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, Paul currently resides in the state. He attended Brewster Academy in New England and later transferred to Hawken High in Ohio for high school. Paul then went on to Syracuse University in New York for his freshman and sophomore years before transferring to Fairmont State University in West Virginia.

After college, Paul ventured into amateur music production during the pandemic. He eventually landed a production role for Diddy’s album “The Love Album,” released in September of the previous year.

Federal agents also conducted raids on Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles in connection with ongoing sex trafficking charges. Despite the allegations, Diddy’s attorneys have denounced the raids as part of a “witch hunt” and vowed to debunk the rumors surrounding him.

As investigations continue and legal battles unfold, the connection between Paul and Diddy remains a focal point of interest in the unfolding drama. Perspectives and details regarding the arrests and allegations against both individuals continue to emerge as the legal proceedings progress.