Alert: More than 60 million Americans dealing with winter chill and snow chaos

A major winter storm has left more than 60 million Americans under cold and snow alerts as of Saturday afternoon, affecting various regions across the United States. The storm brought snow to the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, with Philadelphia receiving up to 6 inches and southern New Jersey reporting significant snowfall as well. While the storm has moved out to sea, lake effect snow bands are expected to persist in the coming days.

In northwestern Indiana, an intense snow band dumped a staggering 32 inches of snow in less than 24 hours in Pinola, causing significant disruptions. Even in Fort Myers, Florida, temperatures are expected to plummet, with the wind chill possibly reaching 15 degrees on Sunday morning. Along the Gulf Coast, wind chills in the 20s and 10s are anticipated, underscoring the widespread impact of the winter weather.

The South is also bracing for Freeze Warnings from east Texas to Florida’s Atlantic coast, including major cities like New Orleans and Jacksonville. And in Memphis, Tennessee, a boil water advisory has been issued due to burst pipes and a significant loss of pressure to the drinking water system.

While the West grapples with heavy rains and mountain snow, California is expected to experience some of the heaviest rainfall, prompting a Flood Watch for Sacramento and surrounding areas. In the Sierra Nevada mountains, up to 2 feet of snow is possible, further adding to the wintry conditions in the region.

Looking ahead, the Heartland is expected to see rain and freezing rain impacting commutes, while heavy and long-lasting rains could lead to significant accumulation and flood risks in Louisiana and Mississippi. The Northeast is also on alert, with rain expected to continue through at least Thursday and potentially causing disruptions.

Despite the widespread cold and wintry conditions, high temperatures are expected to gradually rise above average in certain regions, signaling a potential change in the weather pattern. However, this shift doesn’t guarantee dry conditions, as heavy rain is forecasted to impact various parts of the nation, including the Rockies, upper Midwest, and upper New England.

As the nation grapples with the effects of the winter storm, it’s important for individuals to stay updated on weather alerts and advisories to ensure their safety and well-being.