After Unretirement: Perspectives from Steve Lopez and John Kelly on Thriving in Later Life

Los Angeles, CA – As more people reach retirement age, the concept of unretirement is becoming increasingly popular. The shift towards an active and engaged lifestyle after leaving the workforce is gaining traction, with individuals like Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez and former Washington Post columnist John Kelly embracing this new phase of life.

Lopez, 70, shares his experience of a “modified hybrid retirement,” working three-quarters of the time at three-quarters pay. Despite his son’s passing two years ago, Lopez finds therapeutic value in staying active, emphasizing the importance of not letting age limit one’s pursuits. He continues to write his column and utilize his newfound freedom to travel and spend time with loved ones.

On the other hand, Kelly, who wrote approximately 4,600 daily columns for the Washington Post, is facing uncertainty about what comes next after retiring. While he contemplates various ideas for his next chapter, he is embracing the opportunity to focus on longer-term projects and indulge in activities he previously didn’t have time for.

Both Lopez and Kelly’s experiences illustrate the dynamic nature of unretirement, showing that this stage of life is both what one makes happen and sometimes just what happens. As they navigate this transition, they exemplify the growing trend of redefining retirement as a period of continued growth, purpose, and exploration.