Actress Overcomes Nerves to Embrace Iconic Movie Role and Singing Challenge

Los Angeles, CA – Pop singer and actress, Selena Gomez, recently revealed to Glamour that she initially hesitated before accepting the role in the new movie “Spirited”. She admitted to feeling nervous about taking on such a huge responsibility, but ultimately made the decision to accept the role because of her love for the original movie and her desire to connect with the film’s music.

Gomez expressed her feelings of taking on such a significant role, stating that she wanted to ensure she did justice to the beloved movie from her childhood. She emphasized the importance of getting the singing aspect of the role right and connecting with the songs on a deeper level.

The star revealed that as she worked on the songs for the movie, she felt an overwhelming sense of excitement and a deep connection to the music. This emotional response ultimately led her to embrace the opportunity and fully commit to the role.

“Spirited” is a popular and beloved movie, and Gomez’s approach to her role as well as her passion for the music are indicators of the dedication she brings to the project. Additionally, her willingness to share her vulnerability and uncertainty about taking on the role adds depth and authenticity to her portrayal of the character in the movie.

As the release date for “Spirited” approaches, fans of the original movie, as well as Selena Gomez’s fanbase, can look forward to her interpretation of the character and the music in the highly-anticipated film. With Gomez’s commitment to getting the singing aspect right and her genuine connection to the songs, her portrayal of the character is sure to resonate with audiences.