Trump Testifies Briefly in Defamation Trial with Strict Rules – Ruling Expected Soon

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Former U.S. President Donald Trump testified briefly on Thursday in the defamation trial brought by writer E Jean Carroll. This trial comes after Trump was found to have defamed Carroll in 2019 for comments he made about her.

The former president’s testimony was limited by strict rules due to his continued denials of Carroll’s sexual assault allegations, despite a previous ruling against him. This led to prolonged arguments over what he would be allowed to discuss during his testimony. Judge Kaplan informed Trump that the only issue remaining was how much he must pay Carroll, and that he would not be allowed to deny the sexual assault allegations.

Trump’s testimony was brief, with the judge cutting off some of his statements for breaching the restrictions. Throughout the trial, Trump continues to deny the attack and has been testing the limits of the courts in his legal battles. This strategy has kept his political base invested and generated significant press coverage amid speculation about a potential re-election campaign.

The defamation trial focuses on separate defamatory comments Trump made about Carroll in 2019 while in the White House. The jury will consider how much Trump must pay in damages, and closing arguments are expected to take place soon.

Despite the legal complications and limitations on his testimony, Trump reaffirmed his denial of the sexual assault allegations and his strong defense of himself, his family, and the presidency. The trial will resume with closing arguments, although it is uncertain whether Trump will attend.